Parent/Student Handbook


School Year 2017-2018 Policies and Procedures

Parent/guardian will fill out a registration form. There is a yearly non-refundable $140.00 registration fee for the first child and $90.00 for the second child. A curriculum/supply fee of $70.00 per student will also be due upon registration.
(Go to the  MDO Expense page to view all expenses.)

We must receive a two-week notice before withdrawal of student(s)

Payment is due monthly and is paid through FACTS, is our payment agent. Registration is required and your checking account will be drafted each month. There is a one-time fee of $45 each year to register with FACTS.
2 days a week           $160.00/month
3 days a week           $240.00/month
5 days a week           $400.00/month
(Go to the MDO Expense page to view all expenses.)

Hours and Days:
You may choose a two, three or five day program for your child. You may not switch days without consent. Please stick with these options on days. It causes scheduling problems when we try to mix the days up.
Monday-Friday                                       Five Days                  8:30am-3:00pm
Monday, Wednesday, Friday         Three Days               8:30am-3:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday                       Two Days                  8:30am-3:00pm

Admission Age:
16 months through 4 years of age.
The class that your child will be placed in is determined by their birth date. Children must be one year old by September 1st to be in a toddler class, two years old by September 1st to be in a 2-year-old class, three years old by September 1st to be in a 3-year-old-class, and four years old by September 1st to be in a Pre-K class. This adheres to the public school guidelines of being five years old by September 1st to enter public school Kindergarten. Children entering the toddler classes must be walking. Children entering the 3-year-old classes must be potty-trained.

Class Size:
One year olds           6-7
Two year olds           8-9
Three year olds       10-11
Four year olds         10-12

All of our classes provide a Bible based, structured curriculum. The two, three, and four year olds use A Beka curriculum along with themes. We use a Bible based curriculum for all our teaching, including music, art, history, math, and science.

Building Access:
Doors will be locked between 9:00 and 2:30, and again from 3:00-5:30.

Arrival times are from 7:30am-8:15am.
Early arrivals will charged extra fees of-
7:30-8:00         $5.00
8:00-8:20        $3.00
This can be added to your FACTS payment.
Early arrivals will report to the three year old room. The teachers will come get the students and report to their designated classrooms at 8:20am.

At 2:30pm you may pick your child up in his/her classroom.
*Only authorized persons will be able to pick up your child/children. Please inform the director/teacher of any changes in who picks up your child, and make sure that their name is on the pickup list. Picture ID WILL be REQUIRED if we have never seen them before. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Afternoon Care:
3:00pm-3:30pm. . . . .$3.00 a day
3:31pm-4:30pm. . . . . $8.00 a day or $150.00 a month if it’s everyday.
4:31pm-5:30pm. . . .$10.00 a day or $190.00 a month if it’s everyday.
Afternoon care fees can be added to your FACTS payment, or billed each month. If you choose to be billed for extended care fees, your payment is due by the 5th of each month!
PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE.  This is important as we have to pay our staff additional time after 5:30. After 5:30pm you will be charged a dollar a minute. This will be reflected in your extended care invoice.
(Go to the MDO Expense page to view all expenses.)

Emergency Closings:
If we have to close due to an emergency (e.g. severe weather, power or water failures) you will be notified by telephone. We will follow the Baldwin County Public school closings for weather emergencies.

Backpacks/Diaper bags and Lunch Boxes

  • Please no carbonated drinks or candy.
  • Please no glass containers. Spill proof plastic containers preferred.
  • A nap mat for each child in the 2’s, 3’s & the 4’s class. It will be sent home weekly for washing.
  • Please provide us with an extra change of clothes daily.
  • Provide the appropriate number of diapers/pull-ups each day. Make sure to include diaper rash cream for the little ones.
  • Children may bring music cd’s, books, and DVD’s. However, they must be clearly labeled with the child’s name. Please do not bring toys, except on show-and-tell days.


  • Immunization Records
    A current Alabama certificate of immunization (blue card) is required before your child enters the program. These can be obtained from your child’s physician or the Health Department. These must be kept current (check the expiration date) in order for your child to continue to participate in the program.
  • Illness
    Please do not send your child to school sick. When a child shows symptoms of illness (colored drainage from nose, fever, diarrhea, vomiting) keep him/her home. The child needs to be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Medication
    Medication will be dispensed at school only if absolutely necessary. No medicines shall be dispensed by the staff to the children unless our Medicine Form is signed and dated. The medicine must be in the original container and clearly labeled with the child’s name, name of drug, and directions for administering. Over-the-counter drugs must have the amount of the dosage for the age of the child on the container; otherwise we cannot give it to the child regardless of parent permission. Medicines that must be given need to be given to the teacher. Do not leave them in backpacks or lunch bags.
  • Communicable Disease:
    Parents are asked to notify the MDO if their child has been exposed to any communicable disease. We notify the parents of the other children when this happens (head lice is considered a communicable disease). In order to help prevent the spreading of head lice we do ask that all bedding goes home once a week for washing. It is better to not send your child to school with a hat on. Unfortunately, head lice is a common problem at schools, so let us work together to ensure we do not have problems with head lice.
  • Accidental Injury:
    You will be called if there is an accidental injury. In case of an emergency, 911 will be called and you will be notified immediately. If you cannot be reached, the next person on your child’s emergency contact sheet will be called.
  • Crisis Management Plans:
    We have established crisis management plans in case of fire, tornados, and lockdown situations. Drills will be run throughout the year
  • Dress:
    Children may wear comfortable play clothes and shoes. Please make sure that the shoes have a back strap. This helps them to get a better grip when on the playground! We also ask that children have velcro or slip on shoes, unless they know how to tie their shoe strings.
  • PLEASE NO FLIP FLOPS.  Children will go outside each day as long as weather permits.
  • Please help us by putting on sunblock/bug spray before they come to school. If you leave sunblock/bug spray at school with their name, we will reapply often.
  • Behavioral Management:
    At no time will a child be left alone without a staff member. The teacher will always be alert in the supervision of the classroom and will attempt to prevent any problems.
    Ways to calm a situation:

    • The child will be redirected to other activities.
    • The teacher will talk to the child to correct the problem.
    • If the problem persists, the child will be placed in time-out (one minute per year of child).
    • As a last resort the parent will be notified and a conference with the teacher will be scheduled.
    • Corporal punishment is NOT allowed.
    • Biting:  Incidents do occur among children. Children bite for different reasons. They have a hard time expressing their emotions and can act out in the form of biting. We will talk with the child about how biting hurts, and how we should not bite our friends. If the biting becomes an issue that cannot be resolved, we would ask that your child be removed from the program due to safety concerns.
      **An incident report will be filled out when there are issues, which will then be signed by the teacher and parent.


  • Music:
    All children will participate in our Music Program. Your child will learn songs to sing during special programs.
  • Field Trips
    The 3’s and 4’s will go on field trips during the year. You will be notified in advance and each trip will require signed permission from the parents.
  • Visitors/Special Events
    We will have many special guests come to the school (e.g. firemen, policemen). Some of our events include: Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Program, Doughnuts with Dads, Muffins with Moms, and much more.
  • Birthdays
    If you wish to send cupcakes, cookies, or a special snack for your child’s birthday, we will be happy to celebrate at school. Let your child’s teacher know in advance so she can arrange her schedule. If birthday party invitations are distributed at school, we ask that all children in the class be included.
  • School Pictures
    Professional photographs of the children will be taken in the fall/spring. Purchase is optional. We will also take pictures throughout the year for special projects. There will be occasions for us to submit pictures to the newspapers, the church website, or church newsletters. If you do not wish for your child’s picture to be used, you can opt out in the Photography Release Section of your Registration form.

When parents and teachers work together as a team, children are given the foundation for an emotionally safe and secure environment. Communication between parents and teachers is essential in order to provide a positive experience for your child. Conferences between parents and teachers are encouraged to keep lines of communication open. Decide on a time which is convenient for both of you. Conferences with the director are also encouraged any time you have concerns or questions.
NOTE: Please be aware that a teacher’s first priority is supervising the children. Calling and texting the teacher during the day should only take place in EMERGENCY SITUATIONS. Feel free to call/text Cristina, MDO’s Director, between 9:00-5:00 M-F if you need to discuss or check on your child.

Be sure to read all information given out by your child’s teacher. Also check for daily notices at the main entrance.

Cristina Green, Director: 251-747-6750
Facebook: Grace Fellowship MDO